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Tatiana’s Photo Shoot

Posted in Denmark 2011 on March 30, 2011 by haymanics

” I’m launching my website soon and i need nice pictures but i know that i don’t look good in pictures ” She said ..

” Come on, you want to be good looking then you must trust yourself, the photographer, breath deeply and be sure that you will look perfect¬† ” I said

Tatiana Tilly is a young Journalism student at the same School . Those are my favorite portraits from that day.

Check her website with more pictures :



Aarhus Fire Fighters

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This time our assignment was a series of Portraits for One theme. I chose the fire fighters in Aarhus , I had only 1 hour to take pictures for 4 firemen wearing their costumes. I took 4 black and whites and 4 colored ones.

I thought about making my assignment about firefighters because I think they are a real example of people who love their work,reliable persons,charismatic. Special characters that must be good at dealing with people and controlling their emotions

” I love what I’m doing and I’ll continue helping people because that’s my duty and I enjoy doing it, Everyday is definitely a new experience”¬† Andreas – Fire Fighter

First series of BW Portraits using an off camera flash on a soft box

Second Series of Colored Portraits using the Natural light coming from the big window

First Portrait Assignment

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I had all day today to shoot portraits for my first portrait assignment in the Train Station for the Danish School of Media and journalism where I’m studying in Aarhus, Denmark.

The Assignment was to shoot portraits with good light with the Rembrandt Triangle technique

One of the portraits I took in the train station, After shooting I sent him the picture and discovered that he is a Singer poet and guitarist in Aarhus .. what a coincidence .. I took only 5 frames, I didn’t have more than 30 sec because he was late.

More About J.d. Haring :

Stranger Portrait using the Rembrandt Triangle Technique in the Train Station

A Photoshoot for Marieke my Belgium friend for the Day light Fill Flash assignment, It was Freezing but it was fun shooting in this cold weather and turned out to be good.