About Me

I’ve been a professional photographer for about four years, but honestly I’ve been interested in photography as far as I can remember. My grandfather and father, not professionals, were always walking around with a camera in hand. It’s kind of hereditary. I loved what a camera could do, and turned it into a profession. I can say and express myself best by taking pictures

My father sponsored my passion and bought me my cameras as a start. My mother, was always there cheering me on

I get inspired when there’s an issue related to human nature. I love issues in Egypt that nobody knows about or don’t have enough spotlight on. The subway is very inspiring. After a while you realize as long as you spend half your life in transportation, you might as well use this to understand how people think. I really like to concentrate on the details and use my imagination to compliment.

I’m a graduate of Masr for Science and Technology University, faculty of Mass Communication – Broadcasting. During my senior year, I landed a job in a newspaper, shooting accidents.  My mentor, Mahmoud Salah, Editor-in-chief for Akhbar el Hawades, offered me a training job.  I ended up being the only photographer in the weekly magazine, for eight months. It didn’t pay much, but it was fun to deal with courts, criminals, detectives, juvenile delinquencies, and police stations. It gives you perspective when you deal with a wide range of people.

After graduation, I worked in El Masry el Youm paper with my Boss Hossam Diab. Has been supporting me since i started my career. He’s my role model

There’s no such thing as “good” photographer. Yet, there is a genuine photographer. A photographer should feel, and not shrink away from the people and their surroundings.  Anyone can work out how a camera works, but a photographer is one with endless patience and is able to get closer to people. It has nothing to do with technicalities as much as personality. He has to truly and wholly see. A photo has no language of its own.


I’m Co-Founder and member in a project called

“Colourful Future “

Our Mission: Is to help the helpless people who live in places where clean water is not available on daily basis.

How: By Organizing Workshops to teach you how to make better images, Making different events such as taking pictures of people in clubs and big centers and give them their pictures on a CD and the cost of the pictures on the CD will be Funded to Help Portrait Water Project…

The Idea is to use your talent or Profession to help others

This way you will not only be helping the helpless, but also you will be getting a professional service in return by learning how to deal with people how to make good pictures.



o   Group Photography Exhibition “Young Men”, Copenhagen, 2011

o   Group Photography Exhibition “Young Men”, Cairo, 2010

o   Individual Photography Exhibition about Gaza, Sawy Cultural Wheel, 2010

o   Individual Photography Exhibition about people living in the streets, Sawy Cultural Wheel, 2007

o   Individual Photography Exhibition, Sawy Cultural Wheel, 2005


Photographers that inspire me:

o   James Nachtwey

o   Steve McCurry

o   Robert Capa


One Response to “About Me”

  1. inspiring Ahmed
    James Nachtwey is also my favorite photographer of all times…

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