Unforgotten Moments I

 Photography for me is not only clicking on the shutter, it’s about people,emotions,Moments.

Every picture is a freeze moment, its something you saw and wanted to save it. It might be a picture for yourself that reminds you of something or someone.

“This post is the first of a continuous series under the name of Unforgotten Moments.”

It will include Pictures that mean something to me, some of them are a bit personal but i decided to share.

Pictures are during this period of time 2004 – 2011


On my way to the revolution  5-02-2011

It was the only plane going to Egypt from Denmark at that time, Only 9 people on the plane.

Egypt Vs Zambia – World Cup Qualifications   10-10-2009

Hassan Shehata ( National Team Coach ) Celebrating with the Egyptian fans after winning against Zambia 1-0

Zambian Governmental School   9-10-2009

“I was on an assignment for the newspaper covering the match between Egypt and Zambia. I had only 3 days. I thought about going around and visiting some places.I decided to go to a school and asked the principal if I could take pictures inside. He agree and everyone was very happy so I went to many classes. This one was very special. Once I entered all of the pupils said ” Good Morning Mr “

After taking pictures inside, I said ” bye everyone , thank you and good luck “

This picture was the ” Bye Bye Mr “

My first biking experience in Denmark  20-03-2011 ( Photo By : Vy )

I didn’t eat or sleep well that day, I went to get my bike from Dieter a great, kind Danish man who offered his bike to me just to help.

I went with Vy as she knows the way and always bike. We were downtown and going up towards home. ITS UP THE HILL . I biked , biked biked then suddenly I just stopped and told Vy ” I’m not feeling well , I …. “

” Are you OK ? shit .. Are you fine ” She said

I fainted !

Obama’s visit to Cairo   4-06-2010

I wanted to participate in this event. Actually it was so hard to get access into Cairo University to take pictures for the speech.

I asked Hossam Diab my boss at work ” What can I do to be a part of this ? “

” Go to Al Sultan Hassan Mosque and wait till the people remove the flowers after his visit ” He said

I was like WHAT !!  I laughed and didn’t believe him 100 %

” Trust me, Just go and you will come back with a good picture “

To be Continued ….


6 Responses to “Unforgotten Moments I”

  1. I always wonder if those ppl ever thought that someone could share their moments , and make them immoral ! !
    i dont think so , maybe thats why they are precious !

  2. I mean ” immortal ” sorry for the fatal typing mistake !

    • haymanics Says:

      Dear Inas, I checked your Flickr account and i have to tell you that I’m not a big fan of personal photography although I’ve been studying this kind for months now but your pictures has something so special , they are very strong in a way, maybe they are honest and reflects YOU . I saw every picture till page no.15. the newest pictures are very very good . Looking forward to see more of your work , you should think of creating a blog if you don’t have one already.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wish you the best of luck 🙂


      • oh ! … ok , i think i have to reply but i dono wat to say ! i feel impressed ! and im blushing ! thank you thank you really !
        page 15 ? oh and u’re still not depressed ! i wonder how !!

        im really glad you wasted ur time watching those photos and im glad you liked them ! i didn’t thought you’d get so long with my style , I already know you dont like this style , i can tell ifrom ur photos !
        they are about the WORLD but not you ..
        and i already have a blog …
        here : http://www.endlessimagination.blogspot.com/

        Thanks again ! wish u more of luck and success 🙂

  3. Tamer El-Sahhar Says:

    mosh t5aly balak mn nafsak ya negm?! :D….T

  4. Dalia Moatassem Says:

    I remmember the story of this picture when u told us about in masterpeace.. In this moment I feel so sad because of how poor we are, the previous regiem never think of the citizens and that they need to live in nice place

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