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Unforgotten Moments I

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 Photography for me is not only clicking on the shutter, it’s about people,emotions,Moments.

Every picture is a freeze moment, its something you saw and wanted to save it. It might be a picture for yourself that reminds you of something or someone.

“This post is the first of a continuous series under the name of Unforgotten Moments.”

It will include Pictures that mean something to me, some of them are a bit personal but i decided to share.

Pictures are during this period of time 2004 – 2011


On my way to the revolution  5-02-2011

It was the only plane going to Egypt from Denmark at that time, Only 9 people on the plane.

Egypt Vs Zambia – World Cup Qualifications   10-10-2009

Hassan Shehata ( National Team Coach ) Celebrating with the Egyptian fans after winning against Zambia 1-0

Zambian Governmental School   9-10-2009

“I was on an assignment for the newspaper covering the match between Egypt and Zambia. I had only 3 days. I thought about going around and visiting some places.I decided to go to a school and asked the principal if I could take pictures inside. He agree and everyone was very happy so I went to many classes. This one was very special. Once I entered all of the pupils said ” Good Morning Mr “

After taking pictures inside, I said ” bye everyone , thank you and good luck “

This picture was the ” Bye Bye Mr “

My first biking experience in Denmark  20-03-2011 ( Photo By : Vy )

I didn’t eat or sleep well that day, I went to get my bike from Dieter a great, kind Danish man who offered his bike to me just to help.

I went with Vy as she knows the way and always bike. We were downtown and going up towards home. ITS UP THE HILL . I biked , biked biked then suddenly I just stopped and told Vy ” I’m not feeling well , I …. “

” Are you OK ? shit .. Are you fine ” She said

I fainted !

Obama’s visit to Cairo   4-06-2010

I wanted to participate in this event. Actually it was so hard to get access into Cairo University to take pictures for the speech.

I asked Hossam Diab my boss at work ” What can I do to be a part of this ? “

” Go to Al Sultan Hassan Mosque and wait till the people remove the flowers after his visit ” He said

I was like WHAT !!  I laughed and didn’t believe him 100 %

” Trust me, Just go and you will come back with a good picture “

To be Continued ….


The Travel List

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Picture by : Laurent Carre

Things not to forget in your Travel Bag:

  1. Good walking shoes
  2. Slippers or sandals
  3. Tee shirts and sweat shirts
  4. Jeans
  5. Underwear
  6. Socks
  7. Sweater
  8. Swimming suit.
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Hat.
  11. Formal Dress and Formal Suit ( Optional )
  12. Rain Plastic Body Cover ( Optional – Depends on the Country )
  13. Gloves and Ice Cap ( Optional – Depends on the Country )

Useful Items to bring:

  1. Medications.
  2. Flashlight.
  3. Additional Glasses ( Optional – If you cant see without your glasses then you must have at least one reserve)
  4. Camera.
  5. Laptop.
  6. Memory Cards.
  7. Digital Recorder.
  8. Tripod. ( Optional )
  9. Sun block.
  10. Alarm clock.
  11. Tooth paste & Brush.
  12. Shaving Gel & Machine ( Beards – Optional for Hair as its very expensive to cut your hair in many countries and other countries you cant trust the barber, Its still your head ).
  13. Deodorant.
  14. Hand Gel.
  15. 110-volt transformer so you can use your 220-volt electrical appliances, such as razor, hair dryer, travel iron, etc. ( Optional )
  16. Electric Plug Convertor ( Better to have one ).
  17. Money belt: The flat type that you can wear under clothing.
  18. Small Back pack for carrying water, camera, etc.
  19. Compass ( Important ).
  20. Map ( Most of the maps you get from the information desk once you arrive in the airport )
  21. Lonely Planet Travel Guide ( Depends on where you’re going, They are the BEST ) it’s a must have.
  22. Travel diary and Pens: For journaling or memory-recording.
  23. Swiss Army Knife ( very helpful )
  24. First aid kit.
  25. Books to read in the traveling days.
  26. Mobile Charger.
  27. Musical Instrument. ( Optional – Just take your instrument with you because you will regret it if you can jam with someone in a different country and you don’t have your own Baby )
  28. Some souvenirs from your home country ( Optional but its important & special because you never know who you will meet )

Must Have:

  1. Passport
  2. Military Travel Permission ( Optional )
  3. Plane Tickets
  4. Converted Money ( Depends on where you’re going )
  5. Visa Cards

Try not to have heavy luggage to be quick and practical.

It’s just some tips I learned from traveling & I think it might be helpful for anyone interested.

Pick what you need from the list & again it depends on where and when are you traveling .



Picture by : Pierre Morel