Jim Hougaard sees the world differently. When he sees a wall, he does not see something that blocks his path — he sees an opportunity. Rooftops are obstacles to jump across. Stairs are things to flip over. With Aarhus Parkour, Jim and his friends practice the art of parkour — the process of getting from point A to point B as fast as possible — and sometimes most creatively. But to some, Aarhus Parkour is not just a collection of backflipping maniacs — it provides an outlet to live without boundaries and foster a better lifestyle.

3 weeks project with Bombay Flying Club in the Danish school f media and journalism learning how to make a multimedia story.  Learning about Sound,editing with Final Cut and shooting using Canon 5dMark II and 7D.

We were divided into teams. I mainly focused on shooting video and some editing . Others were responsible for sound , writing interview, editing, shooting stills and video also . Its all about team work and how to tell a story through pictures and video .

Produced by Katie Currid, Theo Erbenius, Ahmed Hayman


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