Tahrir is Breathing

Tahrir Square `The heart of Cairo`. I pass by it everyday going to work and back home.
I travelled to study abroad and came back during the Revolution to document what was happening and i couldn’t see tahrir square like usually because of the crowd. Then I figured out that I didn’t have a normal picture of the square with moving cars… HOW COME ? I waited untill the revolution ended and wanted to make the picture but no one accepted to go up the roof and I went back to Denmark without that picture.

I went back to Egypt two months after the revolution for only 2 days and i saw Tahrir Square from above with cars moving, life is back . You smell freedom and smile while watching Tahrir from above.

Tahrir Square, 8-2-2011 , Cairo , Egypt

Tahrir Square, 19-4-2011 , Cairo , Egypt


5 Responses to “Tahrir is Breathing”

  1. Very nice!! Both pictures are amazing, the difference between the two photos is great to notice! Well done! 😉

  2. Alaa Ali Says:

    Tahrir is no more just a mere place in Cairo, it’s a spirit, hope, an idea born to live, I am firmly believe that one of encouraging elements to other surrounding revolutions is the existence of Tahrir squares in those countries, and do believe that the strength of spirit of Tahrir will spread fast in many countries world wide

  3. Thank you..really informative!!

  4. Al Hussainy Mohamed Says:

    One of the best photos of the Tahrir days Ahmed 🙂
    I remember that most of my friends were using it as their profile picture.

    Is there a place that I can find more photos of Tahrir taken by you? 🙂

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