Mubarak’s Achievements

Our country breaks the world with its record in corruption indicators among officials, ranking 115 among 134 countries.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in Egypt has become a major public health problem. Alarming rates were reported for many African nations, reaching as high as 14.5% in Egypt.

Bread became a symbol of inequality in Egypt.

The city also suffers from water pollution as sewage system tends to fail and overflow. On occasion, sewage has escaped onto the streets to cause health problems.

The government has threatened to reduce food subsidies.

The nonstop increase in the prices of the Gas pipelines.

In a report from the Rural Studies center for the year 2008, statistics shows the following

  • Egypt has 48 million poor, 2 and a half million in extreme poverty and 45% under the poverty line.
  • The unemployment rate reached 22% of the laborers
  • 12 millions have no shelters & 2 millions live in cemeteries as per the central agency for public mobilization and statistics
  • 46% of the population do not have the basic needs to live.. No food & clean water is one of their biggest dreams.

These are some pictures i photographed in Egypt while working as a photojournalist for Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper from 2008 till 2011 .

Living Alone without hearing or seeing . No water no family no humanity. Ayat Village 2010

Every day’s long queue fighting for gas . Giza 2008

Their house is full of dirty water Due to the sewage system Overflow nearly every two weeks. Fayoum 2009

Amonseeto Workers Sleeping in front of the People’s assembly building for a one month protest to get their rights . 2010

Sewage Worker cleaning with his bare hands without any safety equipment. Ayat Village 2010

This lady Died suffering because of the absence of basic human needs , water, food, care. I heard the news when i went there again . Ayat Village  2010

The 25th January Egyptian Revolution, Tahrir Square 2011


18 Responses to “Mubarak’s Achievements”

  1. Very nice photos. Lot of meaning and great ending for the hope. Thanks to share those informations about Egypt through your text. To sum up, well done! 🙂

  2. Simply,you’re the best person to tell the stories of the fallen regime because you saw it with your own eyes,even more than we did

  3. touching !
    I like the sequence of the pictures .. I loved the way you referred to his “achievement” .. thank God this regime is over .. may God bless this country 🙂
    and God bless you !

  4. Thumbs up .. Dear everyone, Let’s share this to remind people that we were ruled by a tyrant dictator that we should not feel sorry for him.
    Mubarak worked hard during his era to help the history in erasing his name from the book of life the book of Egyptians.

    God bless Egyptians..
    God bless you my friend 🙂

  5. diaa sameh Says:

    Ahmed hayman for president

  6. well done guys
    no mercy 4 mubark and his family as they had nothing 4 us
    this our time 2 roul

  7. […] despite all this, and despite the list of Mubarak's anti-achievements written by Ahmed Hayman, some people still sympathise with the former president: @MontuEssam: […]

  8. […] in celebration of the detention of Mubarak, posted on Yfrog.Finally, despite all this, and despite the list of Mubarak's anti-achievements written by Ahmed Hayman, some people still sympathise with the former president:@MontuEssam: […]

  9. […] despite all this, and despite the list of Mubarak's anti-achievements written by Ahmed Hayman, some people still sympathise with the former president: @MontuEssam: […]

  10. A good blog post indeed. Too SAD to say that I like it or that the pictures are very nice; I’ll let the optimistic remarks for others… Thank you for this post and keep blogging!

  11. Laila Abd El Hady Says:

    Pics r talking & explaining!!

  12. amany elmasry Says:

    you manage to capture human tragedy and froze it in time .

  13. i like them so much and i like when u referred to the pic with the phrase mubark achievements
    they are awesome..

  14. They are awesome, i liked all of them
    i like when u referred to the photo album with the phrase “Mubark Achievements”..

  15. Aya Abdelrahim Says:

    قال أبو ذر الغفاري “عجبت لمن لا يجد قوت يومه , كيف لا يخرج على الناس شاهرا سيفه ”
    ” I wondered those who don’t find their daily food , how they manage not to arise wielding their swords .. ”
    and finally it had to be , and finally it just happened , for those who suffered the lake of simple meanings of humanity life and their circumstances forced them to live in such a miserable world .. now it’s time for them to live a honorable life and breath what they’ve always missed ..
    Ahmed Hayman … you reflected a reality that exists among us with a very dramatic vision and a very honest expressions and you will always carry with your photos a strong message to everyone … God bless you dear .

  16. Pakinam Elhadary Says:

    I salute you for writing this post. Especially because the timing is perfect! Many people are having second thoughts about Mubarak, saying that he is better than others! And thumbs up for posting the pictures in black and white!

  17. Hassnaa Hassan Says:

    Don’t really have anything to say about the gutter captured in your shots….we will get better but we have to persist and fight.

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