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Tahrir is Breathing

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Tahrir Square `The heart of Cairo`. I pass by it everyday going to work and back home.
I travelled to study abroad and came back during the Revolution to document what was happening and i couldn’t see tahrir square like usually because of the crowd. Then I figured out that I didn’t have a normal picture of the square with moving cars… HOW COME ? I waited untill the revolution ended and wanted to make the picture but no one accepted to go up the roof and I went back to Denmark without that picture.

I went back to Egypt two months after the revolution for only 2 days and i saw Tahrir Square from above with cars moving, life is back . You smell freedom and smile while watching Tahrir from above.

Tahrir Square, 8-2-2011 , Cairo , Egypt

Tahrir Square, 19-4-2011 , Cairo , Egypt


Mubarak’s Achievements

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Our country breaks the world with its record in corruption indicators among officials, ranking 115 among 134 countries.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in Egypt has become a major public health problem. Alarming rates were reported for many African nations, reaching as high as 14.5% in Egypt.

Bread became a symbol of inequality in Egypt.

The city also suffers from water pollution as sewage system tends to fail and overflow. On occasion, sewage has escaped onto the streets to cause health problems.

The government has threatened to reduce food subsidies.

The nonstop increase in the prices of the Gas pipelines.

In a report from the Rural Studies center for the year 2008, statistics shows the following

  • Egypt has 48 million poor, 2 and a half million in extreme poverty and 45% under the poverty line.
  • The unemployment rate reached 22% of the laborers
  • 12 millions have no shelters & 2 millions live in cemeteries as per the central agency for public mobilization and statistics
  • 46% of the population do not have the basic needs to live.. No food & clean water is one of their biggest dreams.

These are some pictures i photographed in Egypt while working as a photojournalist for Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper from 2008 till 2011 .

Living Alone without hearing or seeing . No water no family no humanity. Ayat Village 2010

Every day’s long queue fighting for gas . Giza 2008

Their house is full of dirty water Due to the sewage system Overflow nearly every two weeks. Fayoum 2009

Amonseeto Workers Sleeping in front of the People’s assembly building for a one month protest to get their rights . 2010

Sewage Worker cleaning with his bare hands without any safety equipment. Ayat Village 2010

This lady Died suffering because of the absence of basic human needs , water, food, care. I heard the news when i went there again . Ayat Village  2010

The 25th January Egyptian Revolution, Tahrir Square 2011